Getting excited

I'm getting excited about going to the UK. I don't know too much about it. Some of my friends have gone there, and word gets back from their humans to the humans here in Cyprus. I hear there are good lamp posts and the humans there are caring about us dogs. Food wrappers discarded on the ground, and cats to chase. Perfect. I mean perfect.

There are some friends waiting for me apparently, including some from Cyprus who will be able to tell me how to get the best out of our humans. I'm already quite good at looking hungry with sad eyes. That works everywhere, and I hear that locally they are a bit preoccupied and worried by politics, so they'll enjoy slightly mad things like a dog looking confused when they hide a ball, or chasing paper in the wind. I'm all across that kind of thing.

I'll also pretend at first that I don't know how respond if they say "sit", "fetch", or "stop" etc. I find that helps them bond with us, and it's a good way of getting treats out of humans.

So, yes, plenty to be excited about. I don't think this Andy human is going to be any trouble. No trouble at all.


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