Hello, my name is ...

Hello, my name is Sully. Or Sullivan, apparently. These things are complicated, it seems. I think I used to be called Loki, but nobody tells me anything. Nothing.

I think that for a long time I never used to have a name. This naming of everything is a bit of a human thing. They do a lot of talking and use words for everything. Everything. Rather than just sniffing a thing to know what it is, they give a thing its own sound. I mean, why? A thing already has a smell, you don't need to give it one unless it's a lamp post, but most things don't have a sound and don't need to have one.

Anyway, Sullivan, that's me. Sully. I'm getting a new human, probably in early July. He has a name, Andy, which I probably won't change. He likes a band called Counting Crows, who did a song called Sullivan Street, and that's where my name comes from. See the logic? No, me neither. I guess I'm just pleased they didn't do a song called Smelly Road.

So now you know who I am. Hello. That will do for my first post.

Sully, formerly Loki, formally Sullivan.


  1. Sully. This is Nikos and I have asked my mummy to reply on my behalf! The journey is a long one but worth it. I used to be called Angelos in Cyprus but have grown to love being called Nikos, especially as I am always being told I am a Good Boy and rewarded with treats! It was very daunting that long journey and I had never been on a plane before. But, from the day I arrived, my two mummies have taken really good care of me and importantly, I no longer have to scavenge for food! My mum’s do get cross when I occasionally try to eat cat poo 💩 but old habits die hard and it tastes good. Can’t wait to meet you and once you’ve trained Andy to be confident enough, we can run free and play together 🐶

    1. Hello Nikos, and thank you - it's great to know there will be a friend in Nottingham! Not sure I have tried cat poo, but if you are recommending it ...


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