Oooh it's all happening!

It's all happening I tell you. All happening. I'm booked on a flight that leaves Cyprus on July 2nd and goes to Belgium. No. I don't know either.  Lots of us travelling together though - it's going to be ball I tell you. A ball. Party on that plane, and in that truck. So we go to England, and my human is going to meet me, so I get to see him and my car. Hope he doesn't mind I'm going to be tired. Tired, I tell you, tired. It'll be lunchtime on July 3rd, and he'll take us to my house.

They tell me he's been rearranging things for me in my house. Good man, good man. Who's a good man?!

I've got my passport already and jabs all sorted. Not sure what to take. I'll probably travel quite light, and the checkout what AndyMan has bought for me. If it's not right or he's missed anything then I'll let him know. Yeah. Let him know.


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