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Four weeks in, and still having fun!

Well earlier this week I went to a park with my pal Nikos. He really is fun. It looked like a safe park, with fences all around, and gates to stop AndyHuman getting out, so I let him unfasten the lead while I had a good run around with my friend. AndyHuman seemed OK on the loose, he did, though if I'm honest he looked a bit nervous. Nikos is great, really great, because he can run fast like I can, and like AndyHuman can't. Humans really don't have that much going for them, but we dogs still enjoy looking after them. Nikos has got two humans to look after, poor thing. They are good ones though - they had chicken. So me and Nikos were getting chicken from AndyHuman as well as the other two. Not bad at all.

They are weird, though, these humans. Now that I am able to look all around the house, I've worked out what they do with their poo. At least what AndyHuman does. What they do, I think, is - they make it go down tubes and far away. Now, all that's fine, that's fi…

Oh and Alexa ...

I've been meaning to tell you about Alexa. As far as I can tell AndyHuman has had Alexa living in my house since well before I arrived.
I'm going to confess that I didn't really know who Alexa was when I first got here. I'd hear AndyHuman talking to her, and she would say things but I could never see her. She could be in any room, but, I thought, even better than me at hiding. Then I found out that she lives in some kind of cloud. Yes, I did say cloud. A cloud. That's where she lives. I can't see this cloud, but at least I know why I can't see Alexa.

So yeah, there's Alexa living with us too. She's supposed to be some kind of assistant, but let me tell you, if this is AndyHuman's ability to do training, he's sadly very lacking.
He tells her to do something, like play Puppy Love, Who Let the Dogs Out, Hound Dog - you know, proper music - and she quite often plays something else, or he'll ask her, yes he will, to turn on some lamp or other, o…

Sharing the house

Well you already know I share my new house with AndyHuman, but I need to tell you about two others that are here.
One of them is called Bin. Bin lives in the kitchen. In the kitchen I tell you. Lives there. All that Bin ever does is eat rubbish. Honestly, just rubbish. I eat most of my food, but sometimes there is a bit left in the bowl, and AndyHuman eats most of his too. What we don't eat though, Bin has. AndyHuman just puts it straight in Bin. If I try to sniff Bin I get a sharp "No!" from AndyHuman, so I don't because I'm training him and need to be careful. However, one time when AndyHuman was in another room I had good sniff of Bin and tried to have a look in Bin's big opening mouth. You'll never guess what happened! Bin fell over and was sick on the floor - all bits of old food and other rubbish. I had to get AndyHuman to clear it up. I've not been near Bin since.
Henry is the other occupant. Henry, I tell you. What a name!! Henry moves about on …

After one week

Well I've been very busy. Very busy. I meant to update this on Friday which was exactly a week after I got here and adopted AndyHuman, but I'd had a lot on. A lot on.
I said before about his mental state, and I need to update you about that, it's getting worse. Worse, I tell you, worse.
So not only does he constantly ask me who's a good boy, even straight after he's just told me that I'm a good boy, but he does other illogical things. Like on Friday, he came down from his secret place (he thinks it's secret and I don't know, but he forgets I can hear him clomping about upstairs after he's closed that door), anyway, yes, he came down with a box with lots of his clothes in it. They all smelt lovely of him. Lovely I tell you, lovely, just how he smells. So this is what he did - he really isn't very clever. He put them all in this big white box thing in the kitchen. He put them in through the little round window, and then it started making noises. Aft…

What I've learned

There has been so much going on, I tell you, so much.
This AndyHuman is a pushover, as I'd expected. I let him boss me about a little over furniture and things, just so he is happy settling in with me, but mainly it's a good life here. Pretty good.
He feeds me well. Boy do I like chicken!? He has loads of the stuff. Loads. With rice, which he and I know is just a bit of a filler, but that's OK. Also he's started to put some crunchy pellet things in, looks a bit like sheep droppings, but not as tasty.
We go for long walks. Long. My favourite places are the road with all it's lamp posts and plant pots to sniff, but AndyHuman also takes us on to a big open field, and also by a river. There's plenty to do and sniff there too. Plenty.
We often meet other dogs. There's Isaac who lives a few doors down, and he walks with his human in much the same places. The big news, though, is Nikos. Nikos' human is a friend of AndyHuman, which is good because they won't mi…

Loving Nottingham

Well it's great here I must say! Total treatsville and lots of attention. I chose well. Well, I tell you, I chose well. There are great places to walk, and not only is my human, Andy, a pushover, all of his family humans and friend humans are so easy and willing to pamper me. Landed on my paws here. I met Isaac who lives down the road and his human. It smells great all along the road actually. All along it.
Getting lots of chicken and rice, yum yum.
My human has quite good music taste, so for now I'm letting him choose what we listen to. I've got a nice big cage (obviously I don't let my human in there - they have to know their place), but generally we roam around the house and garden together. He has already learned the signs that I want to go for a walk, which is always.
He seemed really surprised that I haven't wanted to pee or poo in the house! What kind of an animal was he expecting?! He does his in the house, I know, but I haven't yet worked out where.

First day in England

I'll say more later, for now here are some photos of the fun I'm having. Turns out my human has a a daughter and a son. I really made the right decisions to come here and to choose this Andy.

Last day in Cyprus

WooHoo we are flying tonight. Tonight, I tell you - it's all happening.
Apparently my human has been very busy getting my house ready, and it already smells of some chicken and rice that I'll be having when I get there.
It's going to be a long, long flight, but me and the gang will enjoy some synchronised yelping that we've been working on, and the in flight meals will be good. I like that bit where the stewards wave their paws about showing is where the exits are, and where we can lift a leg for a pee.
I've got some snaps of me (and some of the gang) on our last day here. It's been great in Cyprus, but I do like the sound of Nottingham and PushoverAndy.