Last day in Cyprus

WooHoo we are flying tonight. Tonight, I tell you - it's all happening.

Apparently my human has been very busy getting my house ready, and it already smells of some chicken and rice that I'll be having when I get there.

It's going to be a long, long flight, but me and the gang will enjoy some synchronised yelping that we've been working on, and the in flight meals will be good. I like that bit where the stewards wave their paws about showing is where the exits are, and where we can lift a leg for a pee.

I've got some snaps of me (and some of the gang) on our last day here. It's been great in Cyprus, but I do like the sound of Nottingham and PushoverAndy.


  1. Dear Sully, you have no idea how happy this makes me feel. From being a stray, wondering around in my neighborhood for weeks looking for something to eat, enduring a harsh and rainy winter, from being pulled from the pound just in time as your life was at risk, from being a shelter dog after your rescue, to, now, being adopted to what looks like an Amazing human and having the chance to live the normal and loving life that you deserve! This is a new start for you, one that will be awesome for sure! I wish you and your doggie parent all the best! I will definitely keep track of your progress through your blog. Greetings from Cyprus, from both me Antonia and my son who almost named you Oscar (but Avenger's Loki won) - p.s my friends also call me Andy... Now how about that Sully!!)


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