Loving Nottingham

Well it's great here I must say! Total treatsville and lots of attention. I chose well. Well, I tell you, I chose well. There are great places to walk, and not only is my human, Andy, a pushover, all of his family humans and friend humans are so easy and willing to pamper me. Landed on my paws here. I met Isaac who lives down the road and his human. It smells great all along the road actually. All along it.

Getting lots of chicken and rice, yum yum.

My human has quite good music taste, so for now I'm letting him choose what we listen to. I've got a nice big cage (obviously I don't let my human in there - they have to know their place), but generally we roam around the house and garden together. He has already learned the signs that I want to go for a walk, which is always.

He seemed really surprised that I haven't wanted to pee or poo in the house! What kind of an animal was he expecting?! He does his in the house, I know, but I haven't yet worked out where.

I've had some photos done - what do you think?

And here's one of me with my human:

And one with his pups, or kids, or whatever it is they call them:


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