Oh and Alexa ...

I've been meaning to tell you about Alexa. As far as I can tell AndyHuman has had Alexa living in my house since well before I arrived.

I'm going to confess that I didn't really know who Alexa was when I first got here. I'd hear AndyHuman talking to her, and she would say things but I could never see her. She could be in any room, but, I thought, even better than me at hiding. Then I found out that she lives in some kind of cloud. Yes, I did say cloud. A cloud. That's where she lives. I can't see this cloud, but at least I know why I can't see Alexa.

So yeah, there's Alexa living with us too. She's supposed to be some kind of assistant, but let me tell you, if this is AndyHuman's ability to do training, he's sadly very lacking.

He tells her to do something, like play Puppy Love, Who Let the Dogs Out, Hound Dog - you know, proper music - and she quite often plays something else, or he'll ask her, yes he will, to turn on some lamp or other, or switch on the hi-fi or the TV, and she'll play some other music, or switch on something else, or, and this is really bad, just do a sort of audible shrug and ignore him.

So it looks like it's going to be a job for me to train Alexa, after I've finished training AndyHuman. I tell you though, I tell you, don't hold your breath. He's not easy to train. If I'm honest, he was in a distant kennel when someone shouted "come and get your brains!". So it might be a long while, a long while, before I get to work on Alexa.

Not much else is new. He took me on a walk today, and I got very wet. It rained. I do like this country, but the weather is hardly like Cyprus.

Another thing is that I've been training him to give me chicken when I sit nicely. He's still got it a bit mixed up. He thinks he has to say "Sully sit" before this can happen, but I'll work on him. He also thinks he has to keep saying "Good boy Sully, Sully good boy" each time. His brain is a mystery to me. A mystery. But I get more chicken, anyway.

Oh and that's another thing! "Sully sit", "Sully wait", "Sully come" .... all this dealing with Alexa has made him think he has to say my name whenever he is saying something to me. He really does need to think a bit harder. Think a bit harder.

It's all very exhausting. So I sleep. Actually, sometimes I just pretend to sleep, it stops him pestering me, but if he goes to a different room I have to get up and follow him, in case he gets into any trouble, so I don't really sleep. He doesn't seem to have noticed this. I'm convincing though, look at this:


  1. Good boy Sully, you have settled in nicely with your AndyHuman! Best life ever 😊

  2. Good boy Sully, you have settled in nicely with your AndyHuman! Best life ever 😊

  3. Good boy Sully, you have settled in nicely with your AndyHuman! Best life ever 😊


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