Sharing the house

Well you already know I share my new house with AndyHuman, but I need to tell you about two others that are here.

One of them is called Bin. Bin lives in the kitchen. In the kitchen I tell you. Lives there. All that Bin ever does is eat rubbish. Honestly, just rubbish. I eat most of my food, but sometimes there is a bit left in the bowl, and AndyHuman eats most of his too. What we don't eat though, Bin has. AndyHuman just puts it straight in Bin. If I try to sniff Bin I get a sharp "No!" from AndyHuman, so I don't because I'm training him and need to be careful. However, one time when AndyHuman was in another room I had good sniff of Bin and tried to have a look in Bin's big opening mouth. You'll never guess what happened! Bin fell over and was sick on the floor - all bits of old food and other rubbish. I had to get AndyHuman to clear it up. I've not been near Bin since.

Henry is the other occupant. Henry, I tell you. What a name!! Henry moves about on wheels and has a very, very, very long nose. Henry also has a smiling face, but I'm not fooled. I don't think AndyHuman notices that all Henry does is make a loud, droning noise that goes on for ages. Ages. It's like he's sucking something all the time. AndyHuman has to hold the very long nose and rub it on the carpet, but Henry doesn't stop even with such humiliating punishment. They chase me around the house together, with AndyHuman telling me it's OK. OK?! Henry doesn't fool me with that smile. Henry is evil. Noisy evil.

It's OK, though. I'm still top dog.

AndyHuman used to insist that I went in a cage overnight, but he says he can trust me now, so I sleep where I like. Where I like. As a dog should. What's funny is that I used to do some great fun things when he wanted me to go in the cage, after my late evening walk to use the grass facilities nearby. So he'd want me to go in the cage, and I went as far away as I could and refused to move. Then AndyHuman would try to pick me up, but I'm really good at sitting in corners and next to chairs so that he can't get his arms around me to pick me up. He would try to be stern with me about this, but I could see he was laughing really. And that he was impressed. They always think they can outwit you! Silly humans!!

He also lets me go in all different rooms now, including upstairs. He's learning. To reward him I got one of his shoes and moved it to a different room. I knew he'd smile at this.

I keep meeting his human friends. Quite a few of them are stray, so I don't have a dog to play with while they do their human things. Two of them, though, have got my blessing because they give me chicken. Chicken! Chicken! I love chicken! I must say that AndyHuman's friends are all nice to me. Nice to me.

We continue to meet new dogs all the time when I take him for a walk. They often ask about me, and I hear AndyHuman telling them what he thinks he knows about me. This gets me lots of sympathy and strokes, so I'm happy for him to keep guessing. We also meet other stray humans - it must be a hard life for them without a dog to manage them.

I had some new photos done. AndyHuman used what he calls his "good camera". It's odd though. Odd, I tell you. He doesn't say "Who's a good camera?" to it, or "Are you a good camera? Good camera!", or any of the things he says to me when he is (endlessly) telling me that I'm a good dog, then asking about whether I'm a good dog. He's nice enough, AndyHuman, but just not very bright.


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