What I've learned

There has been so much going on, I tell you, so much.

This AndyHuman is a pushover, as I'd expected. I let him boss me about a little over furniture and things, just so he is happy settling in with me, but mainly it's a good life here. Pretty good.

He feeds me well. Boy do I like chicken!? He has loads of the stuff. Loads. With rice, which he and I know is just a bit of a filler, but that's OK. Also he's started to put some crunchy pellet things in, looks a bit like sheep droppings, but not as tasty.

We go for long walks. Long. My favourite places are the road with all it's lamp posts and plant pots to sniff, but AndyHuman also takes us on to a big open field, and also by a river. There's plenty to do and sniff there too. Plenty.

We often meet other dogs. There's Isaac who lives a few doors down, and he walks with his human in much the same places. The big news, though, is Nikos. Nikos' human is a friend of AndyHuman, which is good because they won't mind meeting up when I'm meeting Nikos. He came over to my place yesterday, and we really got on. Really got on! Nikos, it turns out, is also from Cyprus - would you believe it! What a small world! He's been here about a year, and he's trained his human to throw treats for him, and to wait while he sits and she walks a bit further away and calls him. It turns out humans are pretty easy to train.

The other big news is about one of my photos that I had done. Apparently it was picked out to showcase on Flickr, one of some that are chosen each day for special attention. Of course AndyHuman thinks the credit is all his, as photographer, but obviously it's because I posed so well and I look so cute. So cute. You can see those photos on my previous blog.

The worrying thing is the mental state of AndyHuman. He keeps asking me "Who's a good boy?", then he tells me that I'm a good boy, so he already knows really, but seems to forget. Then sometimes he asks me "Is Sully a good boy?". Again, no idea that we had that conversation, sometimes just a few seconds ago. So I'm a bit worried about him. It might just be stress, or him getting used to being my human, but it might be something worse. He's got serious memory problems, asking me the same question repeatedly, then telling me the answer, and I don't want to have to take him to a doctor and start thinking d-e-m-e-n-t-i-a. (I hope he can't spell, I don't want him reading this and getting worried.)

Other than that he seems fairly functional. He hasn't quite figured out the best order to do things in when I'm excited about going for a walk, but we are getting there, and he almost forgot poo bags one time. He does seem to understand that it's his place to sort out my poo - I'm not getting involved with anything like that. Oh no! Not me.

I'll keep you updated on him. Yes I will.


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